So glad to hear from you! I've been meaning to send these pictures and video. Murphy Huckleberry is his name. We can't tell you what an awesome addition to our family he is! His temperament is tremendous. He's super smart and very easily corrected. He has his puppy moments, full of energy, but he's amazingly calm and almost lazy:) He seems to LOVE the kids constantly around. He's a BIG boy, already 45 pounds or so and growing. Our vet seems pleased with his hips and joints and loves his sweet nature.  He seems to be settling right in to his Montana life, loving the river and hiking with the kids.   Here are just a few of Murphy's adventures in the last couple of weeks! 

We hope you continue breeding, as we might need to get a brother or sister for Murphy in the next couple of years!

Riverbend Goldens
AKC English Cream Golden Retrievers & Goldendoodles



Hello Debra Adopting my puppy at Riverbend Goldens, a great day to remember! It's nice to know Debra cares about her English Cream Goldens and will make sure her puppies are going to responsible owners and caring homes. My new best friend is loyal, always wants to be next to me, yet he understands when it is down time. He learns commands and routines beyond my expections. Did not take much to show him door manners, to sit and wait while I lock or unlock the door. He now does it automatically. He is beautiful, highly intelligent, affectionate, calm (especially for a puppy) and the list goes on.. Riverbend Goldens is the best and I highly recommend adopting your next puppy from Debra!
Thank you
Thomas D.

We lost our previous Golden of 16 years in January, and we never thought we could ever get another one. We thought there could never be one to replace our Trixie. I woke up one day 4 months later and thought, "I have to have another Golden." Nothing like them! I started looking for one. My sister found River Bend Golden's website with 2 pups on it. As soon as I saw the picture of the female, I knew that she was the one. I called immediately, of course, crying because we had been so devastated from 4 months earlier. Debra understood. I didn't want to ship her and made arrangements to pick her up. Plans fell through. Then we made arrangement to fly our pup, those plans fell through also. It was going to be another 2 weeks before I could make the trip to pick her up. Debra was so kind and brought her to me 7 1/2 hours away. Debra keeps up with her/our puppy through Facebook. That tells me she cares about her dogs and what happens to them. Pippa is so very different from our first Golden, Trixie, who was the perfect dog. However, Pippa is exactly what we needed. She puts a smile on our faces and keeps us laughing. She has such a bubbly, playful personality and is sooooo funny. She wants to be near us all the time, no on us; she is now at almost 6 months a 60-pound lap dog, and we love it! She doesn't take our beloved Trixie's place, but she has expanded our hearts.
Terri B. 
Pippa II's Family